OPAL for the past 12 years have delivered modern and high-quality equipment for Highways, Municipals, and Airports. OPAL has a wide manufacturing capacity and also supply equipment and parts to the market from manufacturers with a worldwide reputation. The offered products meet internationally accepted standards of quality and OEM parts made by the best producers. The company since 2006, has delivered more than 1,000 units of equipment for mentioning market.

Winter operation equipment was the start point of production that has a wide range of outstanding products for all winter mission purposes at the Airports or On the Highways and also Cities.

OPAL is providing Skid Resistance Management Services for Airports by Friction Measuring and Waterblast powered by special equipment for different needs on airport such as a small combo for low traffic to Ultra Huge for high traffic airports. All served operation by highly experienced staff is below:

  • Runway Rubber Deposit Removal & Surface Cleaning.
  • Runway Marking Removal & Cleaning & Rejuvenation.
  • Runway Retexturing & Preparation of new Concrete for Marking.
  • Runway Calibration and Friction Measuring.
  • Runway Skid Resistance Management Planning.