Friction maintenance program schedule based on level of turbo-jet aeroplane operations for each runway end

Daily turbo-jet aeroplane landings for runway end [H] Annual aeroplane mass for runway end (million kg) [K] Minimum friction survey frequency [M] Minimum rubber removal frequency [N]
Less than 15 Less than 447 Once per year Once every 2 years
16 to 30 448 to 838 Once every 6 months Once every year
31 to 90 839 to 2404 Once every 3 months Once every 6 months
91 to 150 2405 to 3969 Once every month Once every 4 months
151 to 210 3970 to 5535 Once every 2 weeks Once every 3 months
Greater than 210 Greater than 5535 Once every week Once every 2 months


1. Airports that exceed 31daily turbo-jet aeroplane landings are more critical with respect to friction deterioration caused by rubber accumulation due to increased aeroplane activity.
2. In addition to daily turbo-jet aeroplane landings for runway ends, other factors should be considered by the airport operator when determining rubber removal, such as the type and age of pavement, annual climate conditions, time of year, number of wide-body aeroplanes that operate on the runways, and length of runways.
3. Reference columns [H] and [K]: After calculating [H] and [K], the airport operator should select the column which has the higher value and then select the appropriate values in columns [M] and [N].

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